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When you shop at Action Import Motors, you don't have to wonder if you're getting a great value on what you need. Instead, you can choose from thousands of products and buy them all at a great price!

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  Why Action Import Motors? 

Why you should choose Action Import Motors for your next Imported Auto Parts  purchase

We're proud of the business we've built with Action Import Motors. But we never lose sight of the fact that you, the customer, are the only reason we're here.

We've worked hard in an effort to earn your business, and we have a few reasons why we think you should choose Action Import Motors for your next purchase.

   Price, price, price

We know that when it really comes down to it, you want the best price.  When you shop at Action Import Motors, you don't have to wonder if you're getting a great value on what you need. We can offer you great pricing because we carefully control our costs and pass the savings directly to you.

To make sure we are offering you the best price at all times, we update our prices regularly. The same goes with our featured products. When you visit Action Import Motors, you can be sure you are getting the latest information available.

  When Time Matters

Sometimes, your time matters even more than your money. That's why we've put a lot of effort into making sure it's easy to find what you need, as quickly as possible. Our search engine can quickly scan through thousands of products, and if your search is too broad, it will help you focus in on what interests you most. Likewise, our product categories make it easy to browse through the departments that interest you, if you prefer. It's kind of like walking down the aisles of a store, but much faster, and with a much better selection.

Finally, when it's time to place your order, we'll speed you on your way with a fast, simple checkout procedure. We make it easy for you to set up your billing and shipping addresses, choose your shipping method, and review your order before finalizing it. And, we even provide you with a printable invoice for your records.


   Knowledge is power  

One of the main reasons we all use the Internet is for fast and easy access to information. At Action Import Motors, we've dedicated ourselves to providing you the information you need to make important purchasing decisions. As you surf around our site, you'll notice that we provide a lot more than difficult to understand product descriptions and prices, like some of our competitors do. Instead, we feature in-depth product information and photos wherever possible. Our product specialists adds additional information to our products each day, to make sure our offering is as up-to-date as possible. If you can't find what you are looking for use our Parts Inquiry Form and provide any necessary information about you vehicle, and a description of the part(s) or part number.  

    What you want, when you want it  

When you decide to make a purchase, you don't want to wait, so we've allied ourselves with a nationwide network of part suppliers to offer you the best possible product selection and availability. Unlike some of our competitors that depend upon a single source for all their products, we work with multiple suppliers to obtain the products we offer. With Action Import Motors, you're taking advantage of millions of dollars in product inventory.

If your product isn't in stock in one of our warehouses, we can help locate and obtain your product as quickly as possible. In most cases, even backordered items will be on their way to you in only 5 to 10 business days.

Of course, there are exceptions, especially in the case products that have constrained availability due to market demand or production factors. In these situations, our volume purchasing power ensures you that our orders are given top priority by our suppliers.

   What's right, and what's not  

There is a right way and a wrong way to do most everything. When it comes to our customers, we don't think it's right to charge your credit card until your merchandise is shipped to you, so we wait until an item is shipped before we apply the charge to your card. Your card will be verified when you place an order on special ordered non-stock items such as custom upholstery as the items are made to order and cannot be returned.

While that seems like the only right way to do things, some of our competitors don't think so.

We also protect your sensitive credit card and personal information with secure SSL encryption. When you submit your order on-line your card is only verified, and not charged until your order is shipped.  You can order with confidence from Action Import Motors and rest assured that your private information is safe.

  Fast delivery  

When we receive your order, we can ship from our warehouse or drop ship from the warehouse or manufacturer that has the product(s) that is closest to you. We're able to offer same-day shipment on most orders that are placed as late as 1 PM (Pacific) and 4 PM (Eastern), Monday - Friday. That means that you can usually place your order near the end of one business day and receive it as early as the next morning if necessary on in-stock items.  *

   We're here for you  

Although we have chosen a low-cost and efficient way to offer you great pricing and fast delivery on thousands of products, there is one thing we haven't skimped on: you.

We firmly believe in the old adage, "the customer is king." While the Internet and computers have changed the way we all do business, machines can never substitute for the personalized service that we humans can provide each other. At Action Import Motors, you can count on reaching a real, live, warm-blooded person on the other end of the phone when you have an issue with your order or have some other situation that needs assistance. We'll even pay for the call, too.

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   Company Information  

Action Import Motors was founded in 1975 and has provided Volkswagen service, parts and restoration for more than 25 years.  We know what works and which parts are correct for your VW  because we repair and restore VW s everyday. We can provide the right part and  best quality at the lowest prices. 

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