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Action Import Motors's business objective is to provide the best combination of service, product assortment and price to our customers. Getting technical help on these products when you need it is something we realize is very important to you and thus we offer the following contacts at our preferred manufacturers:


Tech Information
Engine Machining Size Tables - Case and Head Boring Specifications
Camshaft Tables - Camshaft Specifications
Engine Calculator - Calculate engine size in cc's from bore and stroke. Find out your Compresion Ratio, Combustion Chamber cc's or Deck height
Engine Displacement Table
Transmission Gear Ratio Calculator - Calculate MPH at RPM for each gear.
Horsepower and rear end gear ratios - Tire Size Calculator  
Connecting Rod Length Calculator
Distributor Firing Order
All manufacturers' names, symbols & descriptions are used for reference only. They do not imply that any listed product is the product of these manufacturers unless otherwise noted. Volkswagen, VW, Beetle  Ghia Rabbit Golf, Jetta New Beetle Passat  Eurovan  Vanagon are registered trademarks of Volkswagen of America, Inc.  Action Import is in no way affiliated with Volkswagen  Werk AG or Volkswagen  of America and the parts herein offered for sale are not Genuine Volkswagen  parts.


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